10,000 Dolphins Are Being Secretly Killed In France Every Year

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The Extinction Chronicles


Fishermen pulling in trawling net from ocean
Net being pulled onto boat

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EPA Dissolves Program That Studies Effects of Chemical Exposure on Children

Openhearted Rebellion

By Melinda Cafferty,Natural Blaze

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced late Monday that it is dissolving a program that funds studies on the effects of pollution and chemical exposure on America’s children. Critics are calling the move “truly wicked” and another unsurprising sign of the Administration’s “willingness to sacrifice the health of the public in the service of its corporate-friendly deregulatory agenda.”

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Fueling the Destruction of Food



The fire is in the mind of the scientism cult. Their goal is to consume the Earth with it. The fire is in the mind of the scientism cult. Their goal is to consume the Earth with it.
GM ethanol-ready corn is perhaps the perfect GMO, at least within the realm of what readily can be sold given conventional subsidies. The only thing better would be a GMO which spontaneously combusts in the field prior to harvest. Indeed, this would be less costly to society, which is why it wouldn’t be as attractive to the GMO cult which is dedicated to being as destructive as possible.
Ethanol-ready GMOs represent an advance in the anti-food paradigm of corporate industrial agriculture. Corporate agriculture’s primary goal is to eradicate direct, efficient food production and replace it with highly costly, highly wasteful, highly inefficient commodity production designed to channel all proto-food production through CAFOs and processing in order to generate one calorie of eventual food product out of as…

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