New phone app scans products and shows palm oil certification status



The Australian not-for-profit organisation Palm Oil Investigations (POI) has launched a new mobile phone app that shows consumers whether products contain palm oil and, if they do, the scan reveals the oil’s certification status.

“The app helps consumers to make an informed choice,” said the founder and president of POI, Lorinda Jane. “Brands that are doing the right thing need to be commended, not boycotted, so that other brands follow suit.”

Scan results fall into five categories:

  • Palm Oil Free
  • Active no-deforestation policy
  • Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO)
  • RSPO Mass Balance (certified and uncertified oil mixed together)
  • Fail

The new app, which was conceived by POI and developed by Spectrum Solutions, based in the United States, is the first to identify the certification status of palm oil.

Spectrum Solutions worked previously with the El Paso Zoo in the United States to develop a…

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10 Grinch Gifts to Avoid This Holiday

Jewelry from Discount and Department Stores

jewelry laid outProblems: Adult and children costume jewelry from stores such as Claire’s, Walmart, Target, Forever 21, Walmart, H&M, and Icing may contain toxic lead and cadmium.  Mining for stones and metals used in more expensive jewelry causes environmental damage, unsafe working conditions, and violent and lethal conflict.

Better Options: High-quality jewelry made by fair trade artisans.

Box of Uncertified Chocolates

box of chocolates - petr kratochvilProblems: Cacao can come from forced child labor and underpaid farmers and workers.  Chocolates most likely contain sugar and soy lecithin that are genetically engineered (GMOs), and may contain unhealthy artificial flavors.

Better Options: Fair trade and organic chocolates

Non-Organic Body Care Gift Sets

body care gift setProblems: Soaps, lotions, etc. contain parabens, phthalates preservatives, and synthetic fragrances, which cause endocrine and hormone disruption…

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